How does it work?

Question My Health's expert diagnostic and treatment system uses simple questions to identify the causes of your illness. Your answers provide the signs and symptoms which are fed into the service which then diagnoses the cause of disruption to your body’s biochemical balance. The underlying issues vary from being simple nutrient (vitamin, mineral or amino acid) deficiencies, hormone deficiencies, genetically under-active enzymes, receptors ion channels or signalling molecules, the presence of an infection or even a toxic substance. Whatever the underlying cause your symptoms in most cases will give away the cause. From people with weak adrenal function craving salty and fatty foods to individuals with a mercury toxicity feeling chronically shy, this website uses hundreds and hundreds of these type of questions, to focus in on potential problems and give a measured indication of the probability of particular causes for your illness.

Why should I sign-up?

There are several reasons why the Question My Health diagnostic and treatment service offers advantages over standard professional medical services:

  • Modern 21st illnesses have common (and sometimes controversial) root causes ignored by many health professionals which the Question My Heath diagnostic and treatment service is designed to solve permanently

  • Symptom-management medicine with drugs will not identify the cause of your illness or cure it but the Question My Health diagnostic and treatment service is designed to do this.

  • Symptom-management medicine with drugs can alleviate discomfort of illness but in most cases we have identified natural medicines which can do an equal or better job without the drawbacks of side effects or dependency-forming effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

  • An initial in-person consultation with a health professional can cost between £70.00 -£90.00 in the case of a nutritionist, herbalist or natural medicines practitioner or as much as £180.00 in the case of a naturopathic or integrative physician. The Question My Health complete assessment is completely free, for which you get a detailed summary of the likely causes of your illness and comprehensive treatment regime.

  • Medical professionals are busy people with a limited capacity to process the historical, medical and symptom-based information from you or keep up to date with the latest medical research in the field which means that you may not always get a consistently accurate and complete diagnosis and treatment for what you pay. The Question My Health diagnostic and treatment service on the other hand is designed to handle large amounts of information and is based on thousands of hours of professional clinical experience in the field, the latest peer-reviewed medical research, and computer programming collected over 10 years and is constantly updated by our technicians. The result is that with Question My Health you get a consistently accurate and complete diagnosis and treatment regime for your money.

  • With the Question My Health diagnostic and treatment service you can have a full assessment of your health problem from the comfort of your own home and the answers are instant. There are no appointments, waiting rooms, physical examinations, referrals to specialists, expensive fees or stress.

Note: The service will sometimes need to refer you to one of our selected specialist integrative physicians for substances like hormones, intravenous nutrients or chelation treatments which are only available on prescription.

What about my data?

We only store your main profile details and your general scores for each time you use the system. This means that we don't record your answer for each question, so you can be assured it isn't possible to tell what answer you gave for any one question. We encrypt your unique data (name, DOB, etc.) as well, so any data we keep is anonymous.

Is it accurate?

Our expert system uses over 1,400 questions which are based upon thousands of hours of research by our technical team, many of whom have professional experience in physiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, biochemistry, endocrinology, neuropharmacology, microbiology, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology, pharmaceutical medicine, natural medicine, nutritional medicine, herbalism, and have incorporated their own experience and methods into our system. The huge amount of technical information offered in your results will give you some idea of the technical know-how and diagnosis skills of our team.

What does my assessment include?

Full assessment gives you access to our full biomedical diagnostic questionnaire with over 1,400 questions and consequent access to related technical information, advice, and treatment recommendations. You also receive your own online profile where you can keep your results, health data and track your progress.

What do I do afterwards?

Each assessment result generated by the expert system provides you with brief summaries of the causes of your illness alongside detailed explanations of the subject, treatment protocols and dietary and lifestyle guide. You can follow up with optional laboratory tests and supervised patient aftercare with one of our registered practitioners.