Our bodies are a huge factory of different chemicals and nutritional elements which we rely on to be healthy and happy.
Genetics, diet and lifestyle, and environment, all have big parts to play in the balance of our body's chemistry; if even one element of our chemistry is out of balance or something is present that shouldn't be there, it can lead to health problems and disease.

We look at all these aspects telling you what you need to do to get well.

Question My Health is an Expert System using simple questions to take a close look at your health

Your body exhibits thousands and thousands of different signs and symptoms about your internal biochemical balance. This balance can be negatively influenced by genetics, environmental toxicity, bad diet and lifestyle leading to feeling “out of sorts”, poor health and even disease states.

We use over 1,400 cross referenced questions in our expert system, such as "Do you have stretch marks?", "Do you sneeze when looking at bright lights?" or "Do you often feel tired after eating?" to identify what is causing you to feel unwell or suffer with disease. Our system is based on thousands of hours of research, and cleverly uses the combination of your answers to give a measured indication of what is likely to be the cause(s).